Meet Nick Zimmer

I grew up in Northern Idaho where I attended the University of Idaho in Moscow. I graduated with degrees in both marketing Management and Information Systems in 2005. I began visiting Montana regularly with my wife who was born and raised in Montana; I fell in love with the area and the wonderful people. We moved to Bozeman as soon as we graduated and have enjoyed every minute of it since. I take so much pleasure in the great outdoors and enjoy fishing, golfing, snowmobiling and hiking.

I have been working in real estate since April of 2006 and started my own real estate firm in 2014. I spent some time over the years working for a mortgage company and a print shop in the Bozeman area to learn the processes behind home ownership and tune my sales skills. I feel blessed to live in a place that I love and take pride in helping people establish a home of their own in this beautiful country.

Areas of Expertise

My goal is to make certain that my clients come first and that they are 100% satisfied with every detail of the transaction. That means taking time to understand client needs and lifestyles in order to tailor a transaction based on those needs. I specialize in the purchasing/selling of single family housing, commercial land and buildings as well as multi-family housing, consisting of homes, townhomes, condos, and pre-selling homes through co-operation with several builders in Southwestern Montana.

Investing in real estate in today’s market requires expertise and a full understanding of the market in which you are buying. My expertise in real estate can guide you through one of the best investments you will make in your entire life. For you first time home buyers, I understand the types of programs that are available to you and particularly the obstacles that may arise when purchasing your first home. That is why I am dedicated to find you the best buy, whether I find someone to help you with a down payment or find a builder who will build you a home specifically designed for you that is within your budget – there is always a great home out there for you to build equity and build wealth.
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